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Our clients

Challenge: “How can we monetise our data in the healthcare sector?”
ZORGI offers software solutions to the hospital sector. They were looking for partnerships with start-ups specialising in artificial intelligence and data monetisation.
Challenge: “How can we leverage our existing assets in new fields?”
AGFA is a chemical company that was looking for partnerships with start-ups that would allow them to enter new markets leveraging their existing knowledge and production capabilities.
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Challenge: “how can we modify theme park experiences during a pandemic?”
Studio 100 was looking for ways to bring their theme park experiences to their customers during the COVID pandemic. They partnered with the startup CityCubes to develop a hybrid digital experience in Antwerp’s busiest shopping street.
Challenge: “How can we accelerate our product innovation with start-ups?”
Sysmex is a distributor of lab equipment and was looking for start-ups that bring new, innovative products or services to market to be integrated into Sysmex’s core product offering.
Challenge: “How can we make our electronics more sustainable?”
Schréder is a developer and manufacturer of urban lighting solutions. They were looking for start-ups that could help them make their electronics more energy efficient.
Challenge: “How do we bring hot meals to the consumer?”
Colruyt Group was looking for a partner that could help them with launching their own last-mile start-up delivering ready-to-eat hot meals to the end-consumer during the COVID pandemic.