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The Innovation Circle

Join our hand-picked community of innnovation executives

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Circle Sessions

Quarterly sessions with a closed community of innovation executives

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All members are experienced strategy or innovation leaders, active at a company

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Challenge me

The sessions are moderated following our “Challenge Me” format

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Members come from a wide variety of sectors, cross-pollination is the goal​

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“I found it very valuable to debate with peers, especially to discover that everyone struggles with similar questions and challenges.”

– Stefanie Warreyn, Innovation Lead at Xerius

“The applied Socrates method allows you to steer people in the right direction in a straightforward and positive way. Moreover, you learn a lot yourself from the input and feedback from colleagues in other sectors. Nice initiative!”

– Jan Sonck, Cloud Innovation Lead at Proximus

How it works

  • Selection: we match & select a group of 6-8 innovation executives from various sectors
  • Timing & location: quarterly sessions @ our office in Berchem (Antwerp)
  • Pricing: €1250/year (including 4 sessions & tickets to our innovation events)

⏭ Next cohort starts 18/04/2023

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Does an Innovation Circle requires a lot of preparation?

The “Innovation Circle” sessions do not require extensive preparation, but members are encouraged to come with a challenge or opportunity they would like to discuss. The moderator will guide the discussion and help members to explore different perspectives and approaches to the challenge. Members may also be asked to share their experiences or insights on specific topics or trends related to innovation.

What (time) investment is required?

The “Innovation Circle” sessions take place quarterly, with each session lasting approximately three hours. Members are expected to attend all four sessions per year to get the full value of the community.

What is the Challenge Me format?

The quarterly sessions are moderated following our “Challenge Me” format, which involves presenting a challenge or opportunity for discussion and feedback from the group. Members are encouraged to share their insights, experiences, and ideas, and to explore cross-industry collaboration opportunities.

What are examples of innovation challenges?

We encourage members to formulate one or more innovation challenges prior to an Innovation Circle session. Examples of challenges are:

  • How do I get my innovation projects supported by both the organization and senior management?
  • How do I go about digital transformation when our IT department busy with other things?
  • How can I collaborate with external parties to accelerate my innovation?
  • What opportunities are there cross-industry?
  • What should I do with my data?
  • What is the position of the innovation cell within an organization? Not too far from but also not too tied to ’the mothership’?
  • How to inventorize innovation & share knowledge?

Who can become a member of the "Innovation Circle"?

The “Innovation Circle” is exclusively for experienced strategy and innovation leaders who are active at a company. We do not accept consultants or freelancers. Members are hand-picked based on their experience, expertise, and commitment to driving innovation in their organization.

Why does it need to be moderated?

The “Innovation Circle” is moderated to ensure that the sessions are productive, engaging, and focused on driving innovation. Our “Challenge Me” format is designed to keep the discussion on track and encourage all members to participate and share their insights. The moderator also helps to manage the flow of the conversation, ensure that all voices are heard, and keep the sessions running on schedule.

The experts from Netwerk Ondernemen have years of experience in moderating peer-2-peer platforms and sessions.

What if I want to collaborate with start-ups for my innovation project(s)?

The Innovation Circles provide a safe platform for innovation executives to meet, discuss challenges and share insights. TRIBO also offers guidance if you want to take your innovation idea to the next level: in our Co-Creation Challenge program, we help build your partnership with start-ups to kick-start your project.

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