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Tribo Launch

This event already took place. Wonder what it was like? Watch the key takeaways from our speakers.

TRIBO Innovation Circle met logo TRIBO

67% of established companies feel their organization is too slow to innovate.

For this reason, we are launching TRIBO. Through innovative co-creation with scale-ups, we build bridges that not only benefit both parties, but also the Flemish ecosystem.

Experience the power of innovation by bridging the gap between corporate and scale-up for yourself.

This launch event consists of two separate parts.

Part 1: Innovation Circle

From 15:00 until 18:00 there will be an Innovation Circle for a limited number of participants. An Innovation Circle is a moderated session in which strategists and innovation leaders in business tackle specific challenges with their peers. For this, we hand-select participants based on the topic of the session.

If you would like to join this part of the event, indicate this through the tick box in the registration form. We will contact you for an intake meeting. We will contact the selected participants later on.

Part 2: Keynotes and networking

The second part of the launch event is open to everyone. Here we offer three keynotes, drinks and networking opportunities for corporate innovation professionals and startup and scale-up founders. You can register for this part of the event via the form below, free of charge.

Confirmed speakers (and their key takeaways)

Talk 1 – Corporate venturing through the eyes of a start-up: the good, the bad and the ugly

Maxime Sergeant – Founder & CEO Bakeronline

Maxim Sergeant grew Bakeronline from Ghent start-up to global technology player for bakers with a growth of 540% and an employment of more than 25 people in 7 countries, from Ghent to Santiago in Chile. Maxim will share his learnings and insights of the joint-venture with Puratos while staying in charge of the expansion of Bakersonline within the group.

Talk 2 – How to create a rapid decision making process in your innovation projects

Nicolas Van Kerschaver – CIO Liantis

Nicolas is leading and accelerating innovation processes at Liantis. Alongside the product managers at their partner BUFFL, Liantis has developed a methodology to create or select the right digital solutions through an iterative process based on validation through research, embedded in their daily operations. This has lead to great advancements towards an agile way of working.

Talk 3 – Creating a path towards the ‘city of longevity’

Nicola Palmarini – Former MIT-IBM Watson, Director at NICA

Nic is the Director of the UK’s National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA), a world-leading organisation created with a £40 million investment from the UK Government and Newcastle University to help create a world in which we all live better, for longer, where he also serves as Professor of Ageing, policy, and planning.

Before his role at NICA, Nic was the AI Ethics Lead at MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and Global Manager of AI for Healthy Ageing in IBM Research (USA)

Nic will discuss how NICA is creating a pathway towards the “City of Longevity” and how the Innovation Olympics program contributed to this project, and prior IBM growth strategy-related projects.